Top Keywords From This SXSW Infographic For Recruiters And Job Seekers Alike

There’s a lot of cool information in here about marketing but what I see when I look at it is pretty colors attached to very important words for staffing companies.

Let me show you them and then I’ll break it down for you (as the kids say – do they still say that?)

1. Interactive submissions 

They used to call this crowdsourcing but now it just means talking back and forth with your clients and potential candidates – asking them questions, finding out what they want, entertaining them and letting them entertain you.

2. Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter

Focus all your social efforts here. I would also add LinkedIn because Staffing/Recruiting follows it’s own rules sometimes. IT DOES WHAT IT WANTS, OKAY?

3. MOBILE (Android and ioS)

Your job board MUST be mobile. It must be integrated with your site, your site must be responsive, it must be easy to use and it must look trustworthy. And it MUST WORK. Because everyone is doing everything (read: LOOKING FOR JOBS)

4. Cloud!

Cloud based everything is the way to go if you can. It saves you money.

5. Social and Mobile

These are not separate things. They are competeley intertwined. Your job board should push out text alerts, social listings, etcetera.


Your brand strategy must stand out and be consistent across all socials. It should be authorative, approachable and authentic. It should also look super cool.

7.  Um…something not relevant. IGNORE IGNORE! (It’s SXSW, they think they’re edgy)  We’ll just say people like hugs but that’s not really important to this post.

So! What can your staffing do to squish all these things together into one recruiting scheme? Hmmm…what could possibly embrace interactivity, social platforms, mobile, responsive integrative websites, branding and job boards?


Jobbee is (in case you’ve missed out on us telling you about it a million times because it’s just so great, you guys):

Jobbee Job Board ATS Service

Jobbee is the simplest way to recruit top talent online. A mobile job board, SEO’d jobs, job alerts, social sharing and analytics, all fully integrated with your ATS. What more could you want?

So check out this infographic and then contact Staffing Robot to get Jobbee for your Staffing Company today!



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