Is Your Staffing Company Ready To Double Its Social Media Budget This Year?

No, this is not an April Fool’s mix tape

According to interwebz marketing statistics, not only will your social media budget double in 2014 but marketing teams will spend “135 billion dollars on new digital marketing collateral”.

In an infographic made by Web Dam, it’s pretty clear that social media and all it entails will be driving your advertising and your recruiting business.

Let’s break it down a bit and then you can check out the graphic for yourself because it has pretty colors and circles and squares and things. Very soothing. Much information.



33% of google search traffic goes to the first item listed. That’s a third of all the people on the internet. I don’t know how many people that is but I would guess that’s it’s like 33%  of EVERYONE IN THE WORLD. You need to get a piece of that pie with some scrumptious SEO.


You have to do all three. Why are you not doing all three? Do you want your staffing company to fail? I didn’t think so. So please, do all three and do them as often as possible. Post, interact and blog. Hire a writer because the other thing you have to do is…


And you will need someone who understands everything above (plus your industry) to do it right. Creating custom content isn’t super hard but it is time consuming and it takes a skilled content writer who also knows seo, branding, marketing and how the internet works in general to do it correctly. Plan accordingly.

Oh! And before you take a look at the infographic, please enjoy this April Fool’s video from YouTube about viral internet marketing (and also because the infographic says “videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86% – I do what I’m told).

Once you’ve stopped laughing, peruse the infographic and start getting serious about social media marketing in 2014.



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