The New Twitter Design Will Help Your Branding Process.

You get a new Twitter profile! And you get one! And you get one! Look under your chairs! NEW TWITTER PROFILES!

They look like Facebook. That’s not bad! Because there is this huge banner space (1500 x 500) where you can put your awesome BRAND LOGO. Or whatever your brand is working on right now! Or a picture of you and all your stuffed animals! WHATEVER YOUR BRAND IS ALL ABOUT! Here is a picture of the new layout:


Kiala  kiala  on Twitter

When you are done judging my personal brand, you can see how awesome the new layout is.

See how Wired uses it to promote their new issue?


WIRED  WIRED  on Twitter

And they pinned their tweet promoting their post about how to make the most out of the new layout. SMART BRANDING.

Because, yes, you can pin whatever tweet you think is the most important that day or that hour (or whatever!) to the top of your tweet stream! Between pics showing up in the Twitter stream and this new Facebook-y layout well – Twitter is winning the social game (AGAIN) and here’s why:

Facebook is a closed clubhouse. It’s not open to Google, therefore it doesn’t really do much for your SEO. It’s great for your brand but not as great as Twitter! Google reads twitter all dayyy long (just like people do!) and then rewards you (or your staffing brand) for your tweets! And then when people google your STAFFING BRAND, your twitter profile comes up and BOOM! You’re in business. Easy to find on the internet and therefore easy for candidates and clients to choose YOU to be their recruiting company.

So get the new layout now!

And then contact Staffing Robot for help with your social media strategy!


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