A How To Guide to Twitter – with GIFS!

lifting-a-dreamer-2009Digital Trends posted a “how to” piece about Twitter (or re-posted, really as it was actually published a year ago) which seemed kind of odd to me as well – isn’t Twitter pretty self explanatory by now?

But then yesterday happened. 

Oh boy – yesterday was a DOOZY. Two tweets, both involving the airline industry, were so incredibly asinine I realized that yeah, okay, people need a CONSTANT REMINDER of how to use Twitter because….yesterday. Let me explain:

First, a young Dutch girl did a really, stupid ILLEGAL thing. From the NY Daily News:

A Twitter user named ‘Sarah’ wrote on Twitter over the weekend that she was a member of Al Qaeda and that she would ‘do something really big.’ She later backtracked, saying she was joking. Despite her arrest, another Twitter user sent a similar threat to Southwest Airlines.

Then she was arrested. (She has since been released from jail) Sooo…don’t do that? Don’t tweet fake terrorist threats? That’s the takeaway here. I can’t believe these things have to be explained to people. But then…

Yesterday, US Airways tweeted something “accidentally” in response to a customer complaint. DO NOT COPY PASTE THAT LINK IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 9.53.31 AM

It’s sooooooo NSFW but you can see a (mostly) SFW version here and use your imagination. And then laugh/feel horrified. I have no idea how such a thing could have happened but it did.

So I GUESS I will give a quick rundown on how your staffing company should use Twitter – with GIFS for your infotainment. Let’s proceed:

1. Sign up for a Twitter Account and choose a user name as uncomplicated and as close to your staffing company’s moniker as possible. And short. Make it short. People only have 140 characters to use in a tweet and if half of those are used up with your twitter handle well:




3. Talk to your competitors, peers, and potential clients. Have a conversation. A two way one! Not the kind my mom has with me.


4.  Don’t try to sell anything on Twitter. Contests are great, promotions are okay, too – as long as they are witty, clever, engaging and authentic. Otherwise people will respond this way to you:


5. Listen. Listen to what your clients are saying and try to join in. Don’t be rude and insert yourself into a one on one tweet conversation but if lots of people are making jokes – join in! BE FUNNY.  Have fun. Twitter is fun (as long as you adhere to simple rules of etiquette). So enjoy it!

treat yo self

Still worried your staffing company might accidentally tweet a NSFW terrorist threat or whatever? Contact Staffing Robot and let us take care of your social media marketing for you!  

*whispers* treat yo self *whispers*

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