A Customer Service Tale – and a Website That Gets It Right.

customer service staffingI frequent a certain healthy, vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurant on my way home from work AT LEAST THREE TIMES a week to bring home food for my family. It’s name rhymes with Maffing Janet.

ANYWAY. Like any human run business, they make mistakes but when they do we get free cookies and apologies and smiles and I never really mind because they’re just so nice about everything. Plus, we can order online which is awesome for those of us who HATE using their phone as you know…a phone. Caveat* they don’t have a mobile ordering app yet so that kind of sucks but hopefully they will soon. CONTACT US MAFFING JANET! We can fix this problem for you!

Moving on to the customer service issue that HATH ARITHEN! Arithen. GET IT? HATH? ARITHEN? Never mind. 

So now, there is a new guy working at Maffing Janet who is less than um..well he’s not that…uh…okay he’s kind of a total a-hole. So much so that I heard one server pass him and mutter under his breath at the guy “you’re an a**hole”. And I wanted to shout OMG I KNOW RIGHT? But I didn’t because of society and rules and stuff.

But last night – last night, when he got my order wrong and then threw my salsas on the counter and someone else had to put everything in the bag and he didn’t double check the order the way they always do SO NICELY – I think that was it was for me. YOU DON’T THROW SALSA ON THE COUNTER AT A CUSTOMER AND THE WALK AWAY. Salsa is a precious thing – like me – the Customer.

This guy finally tried my patience enough for me to realize  I not only needed to say something for my own reasons but because Maffing Janet needs to know that a valued customer who LOVES them is being treated terribly and if I know this guy is bad at customer service and the servers know he’s bad at customer service but he’s still working there (with the same terrible attitude) then there is a disconnect somewhere and management needs to be told what’s going on. It’s like…totally my responsibility you guys.

So I’m trying to figure out the best way to go about it. I could get on Twitter and yell but I save that for when a company is just not responding to me through traditional channels.

I could write a bad review on Yelp but again, that might hurt the restaurant and I don’t want to do that. I want to help them and the nice people who work there that give me cookies and smiles.

So I looked at their site and they actually have a section specifically for complaints. They have one for praise too which I’m totally going to fill out because I want them to know how much I truly love their service and there’s just just one bad apple ruining it for me (and I would guess for a LOT of people) right now.

The form is easy to find (under “contact us”) and it’s a cute button and simple to fill out and all the things which make good customer service sense.

And this makes me trust them even more than I already did. A business who is so NOT AFRAID of your complaints they make it super easy for you to tell them what’s eating at you (food pun! SORRY) – now THAT is a good business.

And this is exactly why we made Hively and popBot. We want all of our clients to let us know how we’re doing because otherwise we’ll all go around thinking we’re Gods of Valhalla and feasting on our own self praise in Asgard (I just watched Thor again this weekend) and never knowing we make mistakes. And our staffing company clients want the same thing for their “customers“.  They want to know what’s working and what’s not working and they want to know right way and they want to make it as simple as possible.

In summary, if your staffing company doesn’t have an easy to use customer service form of some kind, then for the love of Thor, get one now. Get Hively. Get popBot.

As far as Laughing Planet goes (THERE I SAID IT – I think we all knew who I was talking about anyway), contact us about making your website responsive for mobile so everyone can order delicious burritos and things from their phones without having to actually talk to a person. Because that is what everyone wants. Also free cookies. Everyone wants free cookies.


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