Battle of the Sexes: How Men and Women Use Mobile and Social Media

people-talking-phones-isp-5As smartphones and tablets (and watches!) become more ubiquitous, data is emerging about the diverging habits of men and women when it comes to the mobile internet.

Women surpass men in almost all smartphone activities, such as browsing websites, downloading apps, messaging, texts, and  photography (helllooo Instagram!).

Why does this matter to you as a staffing company? Oh oh! I KNOW THIS ONE.

Your Staffing Demographic:

If the field you recruit for leans more towards one gender than the other, you can market more effectively knowing how that person uses the internet – especially how they use mobile.

Let’s say your staffing needs lean more towards the female side – you know to hang out on Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn because that’s where your candidates are. And throw some good apps in there if you want! Why not?

And if your field is more male-centric you know to hang out on linkedin and keep your job boards up to date, accurate and mobile.

Having said all that, I see no reason why these two marketing strategies can’t play well together – they overlap anyway  (LinkedIn and job boards especially). In my opinion, it would be in your company’s best interest to start with a completely SEO’d, responsive website with a job board that is fully integrated with your site (like Jobbee!) so that your candidates (no matter which gender) can easily access your brand on whatever device they’re using. I’d then concentrate heavily on Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest if you’re just beginning to dive into social media. At this point, you’ve got your bases covered and can move into a deeper marketing structure when you’re ready, yet you’ve got a really solid brand foundation for BOTH genders as well as for you staffing company in general.

There. NOW you’re ready to take the info in this graphic (see what I did there? INFOGRAPHIC) and use it to tweak and target your recruiting strategies. You’re welcome!





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