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monopoluThe game of Monopoly has taken to Facebook to crowdsource new rules for the game. They’re calling it the “House Rules” version.

We all remember playing Monopoly at a friend’s house and fighting over the way the game was played there as opposed to how it was played at your own home.

For instance, at my house, I could take any money from the bank I wanted. That uh…that wasn’t really a “rule” I guess. It was just something I did. When no one was looking.

Anyway, I’m sure you remember everyone having different ideas about how long you had to stay in jail and/or whether you could collect rent or buy Park Place on your first time around the board when you got out or who got to be the race car (me). We all remember those fights sort of fondly.

Well, now Hasbro (the makers of Monopoly), have asked the bajillion (totally an exact, accurate number) people on Facebook to tell them what rules they’ve been using in their families and for the next ten days will be posting a different “house rule” for users to vote on. These will then be included in the new “House Rules” version of the game and in the rule guide of the official Monopoly game (but will be listed as optional).

Not only is this great (and free!) social media marketing – it’s putting the customer in the driver’s seat. Hasbro is tapping into childhood memories and using that association to create a bond – all just by asking a question. And it’s not the first time they’ve done it. A year ago, voters on Facebook successfully changed the iron game piece (who ever wanted to be the iron?) to a cat. Because…internet.

There is no better (or simpler) way to find out what’s going on in the mind of your customer (or candidate or client) than by asking them. We know this (Hasbro knows this) and now you know it, too! So how can you, as a recruiting firm, mimic what Hasbro has done?

1. You can create a Facebook campaign and we can help you with that!
2. Get popBot for your website! PopBot will let you ask anything you want! YOU CAN BE THE HASBRO OF STAFFING.

What is popBot?

Simply put, popBot helps you respond quickly to customers and get them the info they need. With popBot you can collect feedback, referrals, email sign ups or respond to customers/candidates from any page on your website.

Watch this video to learn more about how popBot works!

You know what to do. Contact Staffing Robot for help with social media marketing, popBot or just to play a rousing game of Monopoly. Fair warning: I get to be the cat. The cat in charge of the bank.

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