The Perils and Pitfalls of Social Media Marketing

jiFfMWe know social media’s rules of engagement are constantly shifting and changing (like the sands of the Sahara or Rihanna’s hair). We also know this can be daunting for some staffing companies and permanently off putting for others – which is unacceptable in today’s marketing world.

We understand the fears, though – of how the internet works and all the issues that come along with joining in.

For the purposes of this post, we’re not going to talk about SEO, Google penalties, Facebook algorithms or any of the other analytic, data-centric parts of social media marketing (although we can easily help you with those things too). We’re talking about your basic, everyday “throw a tweet out into the world and see what happens next” social media.

We’d like to think, in 2014, professionals who work with and within social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have the basics of this down by now but omg NO THEY DON’T.

Take, for example, the recent case of Kelly Blazek. Up until a week ago, Blazek ran an extremely popular online job bank in Cleveland, Ohio. And then she did something monumentally ignorant. She responded to a Linkedin connection request with an incredibly hubris laden, mean spirited and condescending message. The initial Linkedin request was from a 26 year old named Diana Mekota who was planning on moving to Cleveland in the summer. Her (Mekota) email was a description of her qualifications and a request to join the 7300 member jobs list. Pretty standard Linkedin message. And here is Blazek’s response in all its glory:

 Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 9.36.09 AM

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon how you look at it), the “entitled generation” knows what to do with something so inappropriate and unprofessional. Take it to Reddit. Take it to Buzzfeed. Take it to imgur. Take it to THE INTERNET.

Blazek has since apologized, deleted all her social media accounts and has (probably) irreparably damaged her career – all in one Linkedin message exchange.

So, what can you and your staffing company take away from this mess?

  • Don’t ever respond to anyone in this manner – not that we think you would but…it apparently happens.
  • Anything you put on the internet is public. No matter what. NO MATTER WHAT. And the internet has a long memory. As in, forever.

That last bullet point is the most important (thus the ALL CAPS).

Many staffing companies are afraid of getting into social media due to just this kind of awful scenario. And we understand how it could be easy to convince yourself  it’s not worth it but this kind of situation is SO EASY to avoid if your mantra is “nothing is private, nothing is private, nothing is private”. Seriously. Just don’t ever say anything online you wouldn’t say in a real life public situation – like a seminar or an interview. It really is that simple. Unfortunately, Kelly Blaznik was never taught this – which is sad because it speaks to an ignorance of how the internet works and an utter miscalculation of how important social media is to your staffing business.

There is no avoiding social media marketing for your staffing company at this point. It’s a necessity – one that is tremendously rewarding and even fun! – and a powerful marketing tool. A powerful, PUBLIC, marketing tool. Keep that in mind and you’ll do just fine. We promise.


Would your staffing company like a little help negotiating the world of social media marketing? Contact Staffing Robot and we’ll show you how to harness that internet power for good!  




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