Introducing Our Newest Robot! Nicole!

1272263_10202029078506684_1583980663_oWelcome Nicole! We’re so happy to have you here. Nicole is our new Social Media Advisor and has a great deal of experience in the social media analytics world.

Let’s learn all about Nicole’s life! Including things she’d rather not tell us – Oprah style.

Tell  us about your social media background? What do like best about it?

My social media background started because I never had a marketing budget.

Social media was the cheapest way to get your message in front of your customers – I quickly saw it was just another way of connecting. Now the conversations you were having everyday with your customers could be seen by people all over the world.  If someone needed what you had, you could hear them and help them.  If someone had a problem you would know right away and could try and solve it.  You could start telling your story, your way – show them what your brand stands for and its values in a much more meaningful way than any 30 sec ad spot ever could. You can pull the curtain back, invite them in for dinner and make real lasting brand ambassadors.

Do you have a quote or mantra that gets you through particularly rough seo or data analysis processes?

Ummmm probably just a lot of growling… and grumbling.

Seriously though, social media, the science behind it and why we do some of what we do is still a mystery and or misunderstood to so many people that showing data and metrics is a necessary part of our industry. We should always be able to provide reasons behind why we are doing, what we are doing and then always look for the data to back that up.

 Worst client experience you ever had? NO NAMES OR SPECIFICS NEEDED.  

HAHA – I plead the 5th :)

But I will say my biggest pet peeve is when businesses aren’t social on social media, don’t want to learn how and then declare that social media doesn’t work.  You can buy a hammer and when it doesn’t build you a house, you can declare the hammer broken, but I wouldn’t suggest saying it publicly.

What’s your favorite aspect of social media to teach to others?

This one is easy!!

They already know how to do social media.  Just like learning to write, then learning to use a typewriter, then a computer, ad infinitum… it’s still writing and communicating thoughts with words.

Social Media is simply a mix of a networking lunch, the first day of high school, an awesome customer service experience, a sales call, a friend’s party and an awkward family dinner rolled together.  It’s all interactions they’ve done before –  it just looks a little different and with some tips can be done better. BUT being nice, polite, friendly and helpful never goes out of style and always works.


Favorite thing to do outside of work? 

Spend time with my four daughters… yes… 4 of them. That keeps me pretty busy but I still manage to fit being a die hard Beavs fan in there. Probably my favorite thing is having a house full of friends of family and cooking for them.


Favorite food?

Oh gosh…. hands down…. Mexican, Mediterranean, Thai, and… ohhh guess I don’t have one.


Do you have any pets? 

Nope, I have enough creatures to feed and keep alive, but I love animals.


Worst job you ever had growing up.

Probably working the bottle return in a little grocery store in college. The things that spilled on me in there *shudder* still haunt my dreams.


Do you have any tech or social media “heroes”

I look up to everyone in my industry that tries to practice what they preach.  If they are vibrant, responsive and willing to help I am their fan, regardless of the number of fans or followers they have.  This industry changes so quickly! We are all continually being reset to novice.  If anyone tells you they are are a social media “expert” … run!!! Thats like trying to catch a wave in a bucket and saying you succeeded because there is water in your bucket.  The people way ahead of me and just starting who have that same attitude of always being a step behind – I can learn so much from each of them.

I have brands that I have been super impressed with and generally its because they go all in. They come up with something new for social media and then they go for it. They devote the man power to see the campaign through. The days of writing a check for an ad and being done are gone. With social media you have to be ready to manage and leverage what comes next. That is where the magic happens. The brands that get that are the true heroes.

Favorite thing so far about working for Staffing Robot (besides me)

I am enjoying being back in the tech industry, I didn’t realize how geeky I had gotten and that I had missed it *bring on the flannel!!

But other than that probably the top ones are:

1. The culture – its a great group, led well, where the balance between whats good for the company and individuals is important.  Sounds cheesy but our happiness is important.

2. The talent – it is motivating to feel a little intimidated by the amount of smarts around you.  The level of quality and creativity that is cranked out of this place on a daily basis is enough to keep someone on their toes. I gotta bring my A game every day just to try and hang here.

3.  My role – they saw my skill set very clearly and together we could come up with something that is a great fit.  Many times we work in jobs that are filled with things that we “can” do but not necessarily what we are meant to do.  No one wins there, not you and not your company.

Learn more about what we do here at Staffing Robot! Maybe you’d like to join our team!

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