Google Changes Search Results Page – Panic Ensues

I may be exaggerating but still! Change is hard.




The Google search results page is different! Look (new one on left, old on right):





Main differences?

  • The underline is gone (HOW WILL PEOPLE KNOW WHERE TO CLICK OMGGGGGGG). I guess we will learn. I GUESS.
  • The yellow shade background behind the paid result ads at the top is also gone. Sneaky. I even clicked on one by accident thinking it was the answer to my google prayers. It was not. It tried to sell me something. I have no money now.

But here’s the REAL ISSUE:

We (the people doing the SEO for your staffing company) have just lost 5 characters in our title description. This means a title on the googlez results page which previously looked like this:

Acme IT Technical Excitement Company – The Best Ever In Staffing

could now look like this:

Acme IT Technical Excitement  Company – The Best Ever In Sta

That’s a problem. Will this actually happen? Or will titles be grandfathered in? We’ll find out soon and then we’ll have to figure out a solution  (or Google will) but for now I guess we just have to suck it up. Thanks a lot Google. You big Je

(GET IT –  because Google cut my characters off. Oh never mind.)


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