Top 10 Job Titles That Didn’t Exist 5 Years Ago

Hey, thanks LinkedIn for this handy dandy infographic you shared with us!

I don’t know about your office but here at Staffing Robot we’ve all been on a health kick since the New Year. So we are no stranger to the Beachbody Coach, a job that didn’t even exist back in 2008! Some other job that have seen incredible growth in the past five years that we’re quite familiar with at our company are the UI/UX Designer and the Social Media Intern. And isn’t it crazy to think that 2007 was the year the first iPhone was released?!

Well, no matter what the job you’re trying to recruit for is, one thing is certain:  they should be to be SEO’d for easy searchability. And mobile for all those potential candidates to see, because, if you’re the candidate you’re probably searching for a job on your mobile device, right guys?

The easiest way to get all that is through Jobbee, it works with your ATS to deliver a pleasant experience for everyone, by making your job board have the look and feel of your website, and by SEOing your jobs so people can search for them on Google, and most importantly makes those all important job mobile!


So what are you waiting for? Save your staffing foot! Sign up for Jobbee now!


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