The Future of Mobile Will Save Money For Your Staffing Company (The Infographic)

Look at this infographic from Cisco and then let’s rap about it (turns chair around, tilts head in a approachable, listening manner):  


  •  The future of technology is mostly in the cloud and mobile.
  • The amount of smartphone users will increase FIVE TIMES in 4 years. 6.1 billion users is a lot of billions. And, we think might even be on the conservative side.
  • Global Computing Spending by users for cloud based services by 2020 will be 241 billion! That’s even MORE billions. Math is important, kids. Stay in school.

Now here’s the thing that I think most staffing companies will like the most. According to the Business Insider:

84% of CIO’s cut application costs by moving to the cloud.

What does this mean for your staffing company?  It means that having a mobile friendly website is no longer an option (as we’ve said before) AND because of the recent real life applications of the Internet of Things**,  cloud based systems and mobile devices go hand in hand. And, in the long run, this infographic is saying it will not only increase your business profitability but will SAVE YOU MONEY. Yes! We like saving money, right? In summary (turns chair back around and writes on a big whiteboard): Mobile Websites using cloud based systems is an inevitable necessity for your staffing company. Plus….MONEY. *For our purposes in this post, we’re ignoring the SDN info because it’s not relevant to you right now and it’s a Cisco invested thing so we’ll leave that data to them. **More info about the Internet of Things can be found here but it’s basically just everything in the world being connected and powered by the internet (the cloud). Right now we’re mostly concerned with how it’s affecting smart phone/tablet usage. Contact Staffing Robot for help with mobile for your staffing company! We’ll totally rap about it.  

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