Taking Your Staffing Brand by the Horns And Other Animal/brand References

Steady Brand Investment is Rewarded By Lasting Competitiveness. This is statement from the Design Council we’ve adopted as part of our core values. It’s also the first line every one of customers and potential customers reads when they get a proposal from us.

Here’s another saying you’re probably more familiar with – You get what you pay for. When it comes to websites, branding, and marketing this statement is very true.

Look, we get it – budgets are budgets. Not everyone can afford to do all the things they want to do. All we suggest is that you allocate the right budgets to the right projects. Ask yourself what you are investing in and then ask yourself why you aren’t investing more in your brand or marketing efforts. It’s important to not go the low cost route when it comes to your brand, your website or any marketing efforts. Even if it means waiting a bit longer until your budget increases, it can be a better decision than not spending enough on the right things from the beginning. The main reason is because often times, companies will end up spending a little bit of money (not enough) on their brand, website or marketing, only to end up paying even more a few years (or even months) later to redo it all because what they have isn’t working.

So what’s the point? This:

This is a new logo creator tool by Squarspace. This site lets you create a logo in only a few steps. It’s simple and the website makes it easy for anyone to create a new company logo/brand in only a few minutes – no design skills required. Here’s a brand I created in like 12 seconds….it’s pretty sweet. Except I think those are antlers, not horns – but whatever.

Screenshot 2014-02-25 16.03.13

The problem? That’s not how a good, lasting brand is created. To suggest a brand or a logo is simply a word, an icon, a color/font choice and optional tagline is to suggest your staffing company is simply about finding any person with a pulse to fill any job – no vetting or matching required.

We work with an amazing tech staffing company here in Portland called EdgeLink. EdgeLink provides us with contract staff from time to time and has found us some great full time additions to our team. Every time they’ve sent us a candidate they’ve sent us a PERFECT match. How? Several reasons, but one I’d suggest is because they’re thorough. For example, when I talk to their recruiters about what we’re looking for, I know I’m going to be on the phone for awhile going over specific details. This is not a complaint, this is something I appreciate tremendously. Why? Because I know they’re going to take the information and use it to find me a candidate that is a PERFECT match for our company and culture.

Now imagine EdgeLink didn’t do this. Imagine they had a product similar to Squarespace and, based on a few clicks, they just started sending me candidate profiles. I’m guessing everyone of them would be a no go. Sure, their process would be cheap and easy – but their end result to me would be terrible.

This type of service by  Squarespace is taking the same approach. Another company – 99 Designs basically does the same thing. It’s quick, it’s cheap and it’s easy. But it’s definitely not the way to produce a brand that truly represents your company and will last you forever and evolve over time.

I’m not trying to sound like a hater. Surely it’s easy to suggest I’m just attacking these services because they’re competitive to us. However, that’s actually not the case. Squarespace and 99 Designs are not taking customers from us because we don’t work with companies that take this type of approach to their branding, website or marketing. I’m not trying to sound like a jerk. I say that because we just can’t justify taking a clients money for something we know won’t produce AMAZING results.

So, do your staffing company or recruiting firm a favor and invest properly in your brand. At the end of the day, your brand is arguably the most important investment your company can make. Your brand is the first impression people receive, it says who you are, and completely represents you. Don’t get me wrong – if your goal is to have your brand communicate ‘we’re cheap and cut corners’ then these services might be ok for you. If not, and you’re looking to rebrand or create your first brand, let’s talk. We’re happy to give you a free assessment.


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