Recent Facebook Changes Equal Great News For Staffing Brands

Facebook announced two changes this week which will greatly affect your staffing company’s brand.

First, Facebook will launch a new ad campaign structure on March 4 –  going from two options (campaigns and ads) to three (campaigns, ad sets, and ads). This is going to make it much easier for your staffing company to optimize and analyze how Facebook ad campaigns are affecting your brand. Here is how the new structure works:



Basically, you create a goal or a set of goals. Next, you create a campaign for that goal (or those goals). After this, you can create ad sets which specifically target the audiences you want to reach. And THEN you can create multiple ads within those sets using different images and messages allowing you to test and experiment with what works best and with whom. For example:

  • Goal: Your staffing company wants to recruit new IT grads
  • Create a campaign to appeal to new IT grads
  • Create ad sets targeting two different regions
  • Within those two regional ad sets you can use different pictures, messages, and tone.
  • Analyze what’s working best. Tweak.
  • Now, you’ve not only reached a quantifiably larger audience but you have a much higher chance of meeting your goal by using all these different (yet still consistent with your brand) methods to reach it.

The next change Facebook made this week is very simple. Make friends with other Pages within your industry! Tag those Pages in relevant posts (don’t get all random with these – Facebook will penalize you for spam) and Facebook will reward you with views from that other Page’s audience. Your post will now show up in this new audience’s news feed whereas before this other audience never knew who you were. Easy AND Effective!

What do these changes have in common? They both increase your brand reach on Facebook. See? We told you this was great news!



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