Another New Website Launched by Staffing Robot. This Time…It’s Ours!

That’s right. It’s that time again! We’ve redesigned our site and we’re super excited to show it off. Starting tomorrow (or maybe Wednesday), you can still find us in the same place, but we’ll have a brand new look and feel to our site. Here’s information on our redesign.

Considering we just redesigned our site last year, you might be wondering why we’ve gone through a redesign so soon. Well, if you’re trying to stay up to date with the latest trends in website technology, style, design, function and content, updating your website every 1-2 years is necessary. Being that we specialize in web design for staffing and recruiting companies, it’s probably more practical for a company like ours to do this than companies that don’t have the same focus.

Here some things on our new site we want to highlight.

1/ New styles. We slightly updated our brand colors and look/feel. These colors are more in trend and a bit more modern. The calls to action are also more prominent and will make it easier to navigate through the site.


2/ Product and Service highlights. Staffing Robot is much more than a design, marketing and website development company. We also create and release our own software prodcuts. We’ve separated our service offerings so you can clearly see all we have to offer.

3/ Free assessment and recommendations. If you’re a staffing company, recruiting firm or large employer looking to get a free assessment or recommendations we now have a simple, ‘ad lib’ style form to complete. We’ll check out your information and follow up with a custom assessment/recommendation for your company!

4/ The Staffing Robot blog. We get tons of compliments about our blog and we’re grateful for it! Many of you have come to see it as a primary source of leading information on recruiting, development and marketing strategies in the staffing industry. Our blog and all the same great content are still here – we’ve simply redesigned the layout for easier reading, searching and navigation.


5/ Customer testimonials and work portfolio. Of course we think the work we do is great. But really matters is what our customers say. So, we now have customer testimonials viewable for each prodcut/service, as well as a complete list all one one page. We’ve also listed sample work and examples for all of our products and services on each page. We’re still working on our aggregated portfolio, but you can always see lots of our portfolio work on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.


6/ Responsive design. The main reason we updated our site is because our current site had a dedicated mobile site. Although this was a perfectly acceptable and common practice for mobile, Google changed the game last year by stating that any sites gating access to content (common to dedicated sites) will be demoted in Google’s search results. No thanks! So, we decided to make our site responsive.

But it’s not just about our site. We’ve changed our entire development platform and approach to ONLY deliver responsive sites to our clients from now on. Responsive sites are much better than dedicated sites in that they are faster, provide a better/consistent user experience and adapt or ‘respond’ to all devices and platforms of any shape and size. In addition, if built correctly, responsive sites are actually more cost effective upfront and in terms of maintainence than dedicated sites. So, be sure to view our site on your mobile phone (or 57″ screen tv) as well. It’s responsive!


7/ Video, video, video. My favorite part about our new site is all the videos. We created videos for every one of our products and services. Why? Because it was super fun! But also because we’ve seen major SEO improvements for clients incorporating video into their content marketing strategies and we’re looking for the same thing. If you don’t know, video content marketing is the best way to engage with your social audience, as well as to improve your overall SEO results.
So, take a look around and let us know what you think! We hope you like our new site as much as we do.


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