Always Use Graphics and Pics (But Not Graphic Pics) On Your Staffing Company’s Facebook Page

Faxebeeok recently posted about a possible change in their algorithm due to the way Pages were being ranked in news feeds as opposed to the way friend feed posts worked. Apparently (according to their data) visually interesting posts were performing much better and showing up in feeds more often as opposed to text based ones. This is true for friend posts too (sort of) –  in that they are generally clicked on and commented on more often if they have something visually interesting in the post.

But with company pages, visual posts show up more often in news feeds than plain text posts. And not just visual posts or graphics added to your text post. These perform well but nothing performs as well (for company pages) than a video post. This did not used to be the case but as video content marketing grows and Vine and Instagram Video become more popular, more and more workplaces are relaxing their views on letting employees spend time on the internet. Watching a video is no longer a sneaky thing you have to do in your cubicle, fingers poised over the alt tab hoping your boss doesn’t come up behind you.

To illustrate the impact a video post makes in terms of engagement here is a pic covering a few days of our posts (some over the weekend):


As you can see, the Vine we made about Raiders of the Lost Ark had 4 times the reach of simple link posts. And twice the reach of a poll or infographic. That’s science, people!

How can your staffing company use this data to increase it’s Facebook presence? MAKE MORE VIDEOS! Vines, Instagram videos, even posting other people’s videos (while not as effective) is better than a non-video post. And, according Facebook, these video posts will show up in the news feeds because of MATHS.

But! One caveat. PEOPLE STILL LOVE LISTS. What is that? Why? Whyyyyy won’t lists die? (I actually still like them too. Something to do with a finite amount of reading you know you’ll have to do – important when you’re working/researching/slacking off/writing a list).

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