The #1 Strategy For Increasing Facebook Likes Your Staffing Company Needs To Know



I KID. No, it’s not cats (but in a just world it would be and, in some sense, cats are actually a solid way to measure your content’s viability. Will it compete with a cat picture? If yes, then go ahead and post. SCIENCE.)

I digress. The #1 strategy to gaining more Facebook likes is something that even we here at Staffing Robot neglect to do (we’re like the cobbler whose children have no shoes. Or the doctor who never gets herself checked out) BUT ONLY BECAUSE WE ARE SO BUSY SOCIAL MEDIA-ING THE CRAP OUT OF OUR CLIENTS’ BRANDS.

At least, this is what I tell myself when I lay awake at night in a sweaty panic thinking “awwww shoot, I forgot about our Facebook AGAIN today”. Then I watch a Grumpy Cat Vine and go to sleep. And lo, the cycle continues.

But no more! 2014 is the year we implement this practice and we suggest you do, too (or have us do it for you! we’re realllllly goood at internets). Are you ready to know what this magical thingy is? Me too!

Post to Facebook 2-5 times a day.

That’s it. That’s the thing. That’s the best thing. Content! Lots of content (QUALITY content of course). The same goes for twitter but we already knew that and most people do it automatically now. One would hope.

No more of this “post once a day, maybe and assume it’s fine and never look at it again” business. 2-5 times DAILY. That means every day (not weekends unless you feel like it then post away – be my guest).

The purpose of this NUMBER ONE FACEBOOK STRATEGY is to ignite users to like, comment and share (obviously) – because these three actions together create stories on Facebook and your posts WILL see a greater reach. A greater reach means your staffing company dramatically increases its chances of organically attracting new business and we all know organic is waaaay better than manufactured. Or canned. Or junk food – like nachos. I’m really hungry.

So! 2014 New Year’s Resolution! Post to Facebook 2-5 times daily and see what happens! And remember, if what your staffing company is posting cannot compete with a picture of a cat chewing on a string then post the cat chewing on a string. Internet algorithms have proven this to be an absolute value. You’re welcome!


Would you like Staffing Robot to help you with your social media marketing? We’d like that too so contact us! Contact us 2-5 times daily!


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