Purchase Fancy Marc Jacobs Things With A Tweet (Instead Of A Cash)!

13_customer_service_393769Well. This should be interesting.

In what we in the biz like to call a “PR Stunt”,  Marc Jacobs is opening a pop up shop to launch some new fancies for his fragrance division during February’s Fashion week. It’s called “Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop” and in lieu of real money the company is accepting hashtags as “social currency”. All you have to do is tweet, Instagram or Facebook the hashtag #MJDaisyChain. 

The shop will be open February 7-9 in New York and my understanding is that you have to actually be IN the shop to get the (sort of) free stuff. I’m a little hazy here on the deets. Still, it’s a cool marketing ploy and in line with what Oreo and Arby’s did during the grammies.

Now I want Oreos.

My question is how will this be handled customer service wise? Do they have a plan in place for the disgruntled shoppers who diligently hashtagged and came away with nothing? Have they or will they make it clear whether this service is only available to the lucky fashionistas allowed into the shop or can any random person use the hashtag and receive some swag in the mail?

In the age of social media marketing contests, rules must be clearly spelled out (especially on such a grand scale) and if there are any snafus they must be handled sincerely, quickly and delicately – otherwise a brand could find it has made itself into an internet joke or (in the parlance of fashion mags) – a Don’t instead of a Do. I sincerely hope they have a plan in place for all of these social media marketing issues. Perhaps even an awesome customer service call center like Ruby Receptionists? JUST A THOUGHT MARC JACOBS.

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