OMG We Have Another This Staffing Life Featured Company!

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Guess who it is? Guess? It rhymes with MOPHECY.

That’s right! It’s Prophecy Health!

For their commitment to client/candidate/employee happiness, social media and uh…tweeting nice things at us (we love that) we (Staffing Robot) award you the very prestigious #thisstaffinglife Featured Company Award Thingy!  Look for a very special pre-valentines gift in the mail delivery system soonly! Because we want you to be our Valentine. Awwwwwwwww.


Want to receive a token of our love in the mail from Staffing Robot? Show us how your staffing company has the bestest company culture ever! Tweet it, facebook it, instagram it, submit it to our tumblr or contact us! Just remember to hashtag it #thisstaffinglife!




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