New Years Resolutions and Office Life

What New Year’s Resolutions have you made?

Perhaps the title of this post is a little bit of a contradiction – the office can be a cesspool (or cornucopia depending on how you look at it) of homemade baked goods. Denise, the cat lady in accounting wants you to try all of them and the buffet of leftovers from a  meeting with “The Bobs” in the conference room can be pretty daunting to any diet related resolution. But whatever yours may be (mine is working out 5 days a week) tech-y devices can be a huge help!

Enter the Lumo Lift, a new device made to act as your mother (“SIT UP STRAIGHT MARISSA!”) It basically shames you into good posture. With a small shock. And it’s so small it can go in your bra or underwear or wherever you choose, but why not flaunt it when in comes in all these cute colors! Lumo BodyTech said it expects to officially launch the Lift in late spring and says it’ll cost somewhere between $59-$79. So maybe it will be a late resolution. Until then do some sit ups.



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