Your Staffing Company Could Learn A Lot From Beyoncé’s Recent Album Release

beyonce-coverTraditional social media marketing methods are sooooooo 2013. Oh you sent out a press release? Good for you. That’s super duper awesome  and everything BUT NO ONE CARES BECAUSE BEYONCE HAS RUINED EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE. And so has her husband, Jay-Z and Will Ferrell, too and the list just keeps getting longer.

The landscape of social media marketing has changed AGAIN and you would be wise as a staffing company to watch, listen and learn.


Here’s what Beyoncé did:

Beyoncé simply posted a video featuring images of her and the cover of the album on Instagram, with the caption “Surprise!” After her announcement on the social media site, the 14-song album appeared for sale on iTunes, as did 17 different videos from it.

And then she sold almost a million copies in less than three days.

Earlier this year Jay-Z did this:

In a deal worth $30 million in media spend, music rights and endorsement fees, Jay Z’s Roc Nation and Samsung changed the way a major album could be released and distributed.

And Will Farrell did this for Anchorman 2:

Digital marketing is typically a pretty modest affair, a sprinkling of trailers, GIFs, key art and social messaging that is more the cherry on top of a nine-figure marketing assault than the sundae itself. But in “Anchorman 2,” digital appears to be the foundation of an all-out blitz that still does the traditional billboards and 30-second spots, but with firepower aplenty across screens of all kinds, including YouTube vids, social media campaigns and even a Funny or Die short featuring real-life CNN anchors Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo and Wolf Blitzer. It’s also hilariously anachronistic to have a 1970s-era news anchor popping up everywhere in a 21st-century media milieu, from local newscasts to ESPN.

Call it viral marketing, digital marketing, video content marketing, social media marketing – whatever you want but what it actually is? It’s a future where all marketing roads lead to video on the social intertubes. You make as much video content as you can, spread it all over the web like delicious butter on hot toast (I’m hungry) and THEN you get to talking about it with your audience (i.e. candidates, clients, recruiters, other staffing companies, etc). It’s no longer just a verbal conversation. It’s a visual conversation in the form of social media sharing.

Visual Conversation™. I just trademarked that.

So step it up, staffing companies. Don’t be left behind in 2014. Start your Visual Conversation now!


Contact Staffing Robot today and we’ll help you visually conversate your staffing company’s path to successful marketing in 2014!





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