Staffing Companies! You Should Put Video In Your Email Campaigns!

You’re welcome! *drops mic* *leaves stage*

Seriously, though! Email campaigns are still a highly effective marketing strategy (even though they seem like super old school) so combining an email campaign with video content is like the best peanut butter and jelly marketing sandwich ever. I AM TERRIBLE AT METAPHORS but you get what I’m saying. A video in your email campaign takes it to an 11. It kicks it up a notch. It makes it SEO RELEVANT. It makes it delicious.

That being said, check out vsnap!

Besides having a very nice looking gentleman on the site

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 1.46.28 PM

vsnap explains their service thusly:

Record quick, personal video messages to make your customers feel valued – and see real-time analytics.

Real time analytics! That’s pretty great. We’re definitely thinking of using vsnap in the near future – in email campaigns, to thank customers, for our tumblr, to produce viral cat videos, introduce/explain new services and to make sandwiches.

There are also many, inexpensive ways to include video in your staffing company campaigns and I don’t want to deter you from exploring all video content producing options (use them all! why not? IT’S YOUR WORLD) but vsnap looks pretty cool and inexpensive. They have different pricing models for individual users, large and small businesses – all extremely affordable. I know I sound like an ad but I get excited about new ways to easily produce video content for marketing – because video plus email marketing plus more customers equals money and I like money. There. I said it. Feels good.

Check out their video and let us know what you think!

Staffing Robot wants to take your staffing company’s video content marketing to the next level! THE SANDWICH LEVEL. So contact us right away!

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