Is Your Staffing Company Ready To Grab A Vine Vanity URL Tomorrow Morning?

We are.

Beginning 9am PST tomorrow (Friday, December 20th) Twitter (who owns Vine) will be giving everyone the opportunity to get their own vanity url much like Facebook did a couple of years ago. So instead of posting a vine and having the url be something like (so easy to remember, right?) your vine will now be! Well, yours won’t be but ours will. Hopefully. DON’T YOU DARE TRY TO STEAL IT FROM US YOU GUYS OR OR…..we will be sad.

You can be sure that at 8:59 am tomorrow morning we will be sitting at our keyboards like a cat on a warm laptop waiting to pounce on our vanity URL and you had best do the same. Why? Brand Recognition! Video Content Marketing! Google-ability! Other good SEO stuff! It’s been so frustrating not to be able to have our own little recognizable corner of the Vine world and now we all can and it will be so easy to find each other’s Vines and oh it’s like Christmas came early on the internet!

So (fingers crossed) tomorrow you can find and follow us at Until then here are a few vines we find particularly amusing even without a shiny vanity url:

and for every Game of Thrones Arya Stark fan

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