How To Write A Perfect LinkedIn Summary

Are you ready for this? I’m about to lay down some truth for you so put your coffee away (just kidding! don’t do that!), close your other tabs and pay attention – I’m about to get you hired.

Or at least noticed by staffing companies. Or laughed at (in a good way!). Anyway, I’m going to tell you how to do the LinkedIn.

And hey! Staffing companies! These tips work for you, too! Either for your company summaries or as advice to give out via all your social media outlets. Link to it and watch your candidate pool enlargen. (made that word up!)


Don’t use any of these words. Eyes will glaze over. That’s bad.




Do AND don’t write about yourself in the third person! I’ve done both. I’ve even done both within the same summary. Then again, I am a writer and I can do things like that because my profession allows for dramatic inconsistencies. I would suggest taking stock of your profession, looking at the summaries of some “thought leaders” (gross) in your field and deciding which tack to take based on that. Having just said all that, I prefer first person. It’s less pretentious.


Omg, for heck’s sake, please edit yourself. Just because you’re given 5000 words or whatever to use in your summary you do not have to use them. Stick to as few as possible. Be concise. And add a little humor if you can do it appropriately.


Fill in your specialties. These keywords are what recruiters use to find you. It’s your siren call. Lead those staffing argonauts to your recruiting rocks and let them shipwreck you into a job. (english major, sorry)

Fifth (and Final)!

Put a call to action in your summary. Example: “I’ve taken X’s company from social media nobody to social media darling. Contact me to do the same for your staffing company!” Or something like that.

And that’s it! Now go forth and get noticed!


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