How NOT To Make A Video For Your Staffing Brand

I don’t…I mean…I just. I can’t with this thing. It’s tl:dw (too long:didn’t watch) and even though I did actually watch the whole thing (UGH) I still have no idea what it’s about. I’m aware it’s not meant for anyone outside of their industry (I think?). It’s a company video for, uh, oil? Turnaround? Thingies? I HAVE NO IDEA. But one message is loud and clear: this video is terrible.

The Youtube comments say enough about it for you to not even have to watch the video but I can break it down bullet point style for you:

  • TOO LONG – On the internet, one minute is like an hour. Remember that.
  • Terrible Spokesperson – Yes, she’s lovely. That’s nice but inconsequential. Her outfit is distracting but that’s a problem with our society so I’m not going to get into that issue here. I will say that it makes the company look sexist. Her SLURRING of certain words, however and inappropriate laugh/talking is annoying as all get out. It’s unprofessional. Use someone else.
  • Unclear message and/or call to action.
  • Looks like a bad infomercial.

This company would’ve been better off sending out an email about turnaround opportunities oil thingy whatnots. I mean, it’s getting the brand noticed but not in the way I think it WANTS to get noticed.

Watch the video here and let us know what you think:


Don’t fret! We’ve got a bunch of videos coming out soon! Staffing Robot will show you how it’s done. Like this!

(not really like that)

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