Would Your Staffing Company Use This Video Chat Service On LinkedIn?

12qkF-1If you could live chat with a potential candidate or client on LinkedIn, would you?

Let’s look at this realistically. Setting aside personality types (introverts vs. extroverts), does video chat really have business potential?  Is it weird? Is it awkward? Or is it the future? Peer is a new face to face networking app for Linkedin users. Skipping right past a chat option, Peer describes itself thusly:

Search professionals using LinkedIn and talk to them over live video.

It appears as if (unlike the totally professional video chat going on to my right) this is meant for mobile users which is a major plus, in terms of where the internet is truly heading.

In my opinion, while I have some reservations about this app (most of which revolve around my own personal, irrational fears of Face Time and Skype) I do think it’s a great idea so long as it’s used with proper business etiquette. Let me explain:

Do not Cold Peer™ (just made that term up) a potential candidate/client/whomever. That would be weird and invasive. Instead, I would suggest sending a LinkedIn message first and if that initial back and forth goes well ask to use the Peer app. Wouldn’t it be amazing to get a a true feel for this person’s personality, intelligence, rapport and all the other things you would normally have to wait to find out about them with an in person meeting. And, since a phone chat is inherently less formal then an initial “interview”,  no one is super invested – making this a really great tool to weed out the bad’uns.

What do you think? I’d love to hear from some recruiters, etc about how they feel about this new app. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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