How Ads For Instagram Can Help Your Staffing Company

instagram-adsYou know what I always think when I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed? “Where are all the ads?” or “Man, I wish there were some ads” and  “This picture of your cat at brunch is really great but if it had an ad either before or after it – or both – I WOULD LOSE MY MIND WITH EXCITEMENT.”

Okay, NO ONE thinks those things but you can’t argue with the weather and this train has already left the station so let’s embrace that mixed metaphor and turn some lemons into lemonADS.

GET IT? ADS. Anyway.

Instagram announced last week ads would begin showing up on the service soon. The ads will be seen in feeds within the next two months. This is Instagram’s first attempt to generate revenue since Facebook acquired the startup for $1 billion.

Why this is good news for your Staffing Company:

Until now, brands have been able to use Instagram to promote themselves for free (which is great) but this allows you to take branding to another level – in much the same way you’d use PPC ads on Facebook or promoted tweets on twitter. In exactly the same way, actually.

Won’t users (i.e. potential clients/candidates) be irritated or put off by ads?

Probably, but only for about a day. Users adapted quickly to seeing ads on Facebook and Tumblr and promoted tweets are just an accepted part of Twitter now. And Instagram is savvy to the initial backlash they’ll receive. From their announcement:

We’ll also make sure you have control. If you see an ad you don’t like, you’ll be able to hide it and provide feedback about what didn’t feel right. We’re relying on your input to help us continually improve the Instagram experience.

Personally, I remember when ads started showing up in my Tumblr feed and, while initially annoying, I had to admit the ads I was seeing were clever and in keeping with the spirit of Tumblr. I foresee successful ad campaigns on Instagram generating the same positive response by behaving in a like manner.

So what sort of ads should my Staffing Company make?

In order to keep the user engaged and to provide a seamless Instagram experience for them, I would suggest making your ads as Instagram-like as possible. Whether you decide to use video or a photo, keep to the Instagram format and don’t over produce it. Make it entertaining and sincere. Keep it authentic and as “real life” as possible. Don’t sell – show. Show your staffing company’s strengths, personality and culture. Food, pets, people. This is what Instagram is for. You could even be self aware (as in – you know this an ad, your audience knows it’s an ad) so make reference to that knowledge in a funny way. And above all…keep it short.

This is another great opportunity to show off your brand to a huge audience. I suggest you hop on it right way. Or hop to it? Both!

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