A Simple Primer On What NOT To Do On Social Media As A Staffing Company

Let’s play a game. Pretend you’re an entrepreneur, a businesswoman/man, a someone interested in getting into the healthcare industry. Now pretend you’re at a conference, networking and generally doing all the things entrepreneurial businesspeople do at these things. In this scenario, you’re a man. You (generally) don’t have occasion to wear high heels (nor are you expected to) when suddenly you spot a woman wearing 6 inch heels. What do you do?

Do you:

A. Think to yourself “Wow, those must be uncomfortable”.
B. Say to a friend “I like that woman’s style but I couldn’t wear those for more than 5 minutes – impressive.”
C. Take a picture and SHAME her (and all women wearing high heels) for being a moron who doesn’t know how to choose “proper” footwear and must therefore be too stupid to even be allowed at the conference.

Well the CEO of a healthcare startup, chose option C and put his opinions all over the twittersphere. And then, after being called out by colleagues for being inappropriate, he still refused to back down.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 9.30.06 AM

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 9.38.04 AM

According to Valleywag:

The event was a “reverse” demo day where respected venture capital firms like General Catalyst Partners, SoftBank, Bain Capital Partners, and Lerer Ventures pitched themselves to entrepreneurs.

This was a perfect example of what NOT to do when tweeting from your company account or when representing your staffing company  – a GIANT DON’T!

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