A Simple Facebook Primer For Your Staffing Company (Infographic)

Look what I’ve done for you! I’ve found an awesome, easy to follow, infographic explaining JUST HOW SIMPLE it is to engage and superduperbrand ™ your staffing company on the Facebooks!

The day to day rigors of constant social media-ing can become overwhelming for anyone – no matter how internet savvy you may be – and having a simple guide like this one can make the whole thing so much easier as well as re-affirming you’re doing everything correctly. Knowing you’re following an effective method is a nice, soothing place to kind of live in (if you will) in the ever changing landscape of the social web.

This infographic breaks down ten tactics proven to turn your staffing company’s facebook page into a superduperbrandsuccess™.  Without spoiling the whole thing, I’ll list a few of the ideas I think are the most important:

1. Images

OMG PEOPLE LOVE PICTURES. So post them on your instagram and then crosspost them to your Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr accounts. Trust me on this one. Humans love looking at the magical, dark science of photography.

2. Personality!

Don’t just post a link and wash your hands of it. Try to say something interesting, thoughtful and funny about whatever you post. Show your brand’s personality as often as you can – and keep that personality consistent.

3. Talk about the inner, daily goings on of your company.

What does your break room look like? Who is doing something ridiculous in the conference room? Get an office mascot! We have a roomba. HE BREAKS EVERYTHING and is also in (unrequited) love with our dying orchid. It’s very romantic in a tragic way.Make gentle fun of your bosses (if that’s the kind of culture your company encourages). I’ve looked at the analytics on these kinds of posts and they always have at least 10 times the reach of other link and post updates.

But there’s more! So take a look at the infographic and begin doing these ten things immediately. I promise you’ll see results right away.

For more help with social media marketing contact Staffing Robot! We’d love to help your staffing company succeed on the internet.



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