10 Simple Rules For Awesome Content Marketing For Your Staffing Company

content-marketing-278x300Content Marketing sounds like a dry, boring business doesn’t it – when, in fact it’s exactly the opposite! All it truly means is that rather than focusing on SEO and analytics and old school style marketing you get to focus on the cool, fun, and (this is important) AUTHENTIC qualities of your company’s brand. So let’s get to the rules, shall we?

1. Use social media to do (some of) your advertising for you 

Sure, you CAN pay for ads on Facebook and the like but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about the extreme effectiveness of using twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etcetera to tell the world who you are. The other great thing about this is social media can be the swiss army knife of marketing tools. Each platform has its own personality so you get to tweak your message for each one but just slightly. And once you get the hang of it, it’s quick AND free.

2. Consistency

Keep your cool, fun, authentic message CONSISTENT. Don’t confuse your audience with your brand. This may sound contradictory to what I said above about tweaking for each platform but IT IS NOT. You can keep the same message and the same tone while changing the way you deliver it to conform to each social media platform. Think of it like this: when you tell your best friend a funny story you use different er…language. Tell the same funny story to your family and the language changes a bit, yes? But the story is still the same, is still funny and still being told in your voice.

3. Your content must be something relevant to your audience’s interest

Be helpful! Give tips! You wouldn’t go into the grocery store and start telling the produce guy about the government shutdown would you? (Well, you would in Portland maybe but that’s different. We’re weird here.) But mostly, the content you’re putting out there has to be of use to your audience or else you’re just shouting at a deaf world with a megaphone about your company. No one cares and no one can hear you.

4. Don’t always be completely relevant

I know! I did it again! I’m a conundrum. I’m a riddle wrapped in an enigma who is obsessed with cats. Anyway, once you’ve established the tone and message of your brand – once you KNOW it’s obvious who you are and what you do and how you think, now is the time to throw in some fun stuff about bears in jacuzzis or cats in boxes or stuff about the MARS rover (he’s so cuuuteeeee like Wall-E!) because it won’t confuse your audience at this point, it will keep them amused and it will do something else….

5. Show your authenticity

That’s right. The occasional non-business related tweet or post or vine or whatever will show your clients and candidates that you’re human – that you are not trying to sell them something, that you are genuinely interested in having fun and being on the internet and well…looking at silly stuff at work like we all do.

Authenticity also means not shouting out links and/or never reacting to comments or replies, which brings us to….

6. Interaction

You have got to interact with everyone on your social media platforms. It shows you care about their opinions, you value their business and appreciate their feedback. And that you’d like to be friends and have sleepovers and network and all of that. Otherwise, again, you might as well stand on an empty street corner and yell “HEY GIVE ME MONEY FOR SERVICES”. Which, actually, I think that might be illegal.

7. Figure out where your candidates and clients are hanging out

Not in real life. That’s a little creepy. But on the internet. Are they mostly on Facebook? Pinterest? Linkedin? Then concentrate on putting your content on those platforms BUT

8. Be on every platform

Even though you now know where you need to focus the majority of your efforts it’s still important to use ALL the platforms because it helps your brand authenticity AND your search rankings. Video content marketing is sooooo important right now so even if your audience isn’t always hanging out on Vine or Youtube the very fact that you are making those vines and videos is going to increase your google rankings and your client and candidate pool will grow MIGHTY AND STRONG.

9. Ask questions

Ask opinions in every post you can. People on the internet LOOOOOVEEEE to give their opinion but (especially in the staffing industry) they’re busy so they prefer questions beginning with Would or Should rather than open ended questions. Save that kind of thing for Gawker or the Washington Post or Amazon Reviews.

10. Let your posts show who you are

Like, literally. Posts with pictures of your team doing things are much more likely to be clicked on than posts that just say “HI BUY MY THINGS” or whatever. This is a science fact. For reals, I’ve seen it in the twitter analytics. People love pics and they love to see that your staffing company is a living, breathing thing that cares enough to show who they are in real life.

BONUS! Every Day

You MUST post every day on every platform if you can. It’s free you guys! It takes time but once you get it down – it’s fun, it’s not that hard to do AND the ROI will make it all worthwhile a jillionfold. What? That’s a word.


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