Will Your Staffing Company Use Facebook Instead of LinkedIn?


Not quite but soon? Maybe?

Facebook got super sneaky this past weekend. They added a “professional skills” section to the “about” box on personal timelines. According to The Next Web, Facebook is only testing this feature – it’s not yet permanent.

Here’s how it works:

Go the “About” section and scroll down to the Work and Education section – “Professional Skills” is the last option. Fill in your skills and you’re set!


Why is this important for your staffing company?

For staffing companies, as well as potential candidates, this is yet another tool to use in your recruitment strategy. When a recruiter or a candidate (or anyone) fills out the “professional skills” section it automatically links to an “interest”. Searching these terms is a great way for Recruiters to find candidates and for candidates to find jobs. In addition, you don’t have to be actual friends with someone for them to find you.

As many of you know, Facebook Ads also have an impressive ability to target demographics. This will no doubt be added into this targeting capability helping you to significantly increase your Facebook PPC ROI!

So, will Facebook make LinkedIn obsolete? I highly doubt it but it doesn’t hurt to have another LinkedIn does it? No. It doesn’t.

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2 thoughts on “Will Your Staffing Company Use Facebook Instead of LinkedIn?

  1. Good pointers here, Jason.

    We have found that candidates from a recruiting perspective see Facebook as a personal, not professional forum. As such, they have tended to reject unsolicited recruitment conversations about opportunities, unlike candidates sourced on LinkedIn. On FB – “real” relationships must proceed the messaging/solicitation. Of course, this may change as the network evolves. Remember that it used to only be for Zuck’s friends, and then opened to just 100 colleges? (My Alma Mater was one of them!)

    So we’ll see how fast this changes. FB needs to find new monetization opportunities to please investors. With their paid messaging (a la IN Message), this is another step in that direction. Also, don’t forget this will feed the powerful Graph Search algorithm.

    • Thanks for the comments Brent. Credit for this post goes to Kiala though. She does highlight some good points.

      The information you’ve given here is great. It’s completely fascinating for us to see and hear what social platforms work for different companies.

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