Will Your Staffing Company Ride the Google Carousel?

Google-Carousel-SDNIt sounds like fun, right? But I have an inkling it doesn’t mean what we think it means. It’s being called the Google Image Carousel but a more accurate name (and more to the point of the function) is to call it a Google Local Carousel.

How it works:

The Carousel visually dominates the SERP. If multiple PPC ads display underneath, as shown in the example below, this may result in few or no organic results showing without scrolling. Therefore, it is more important than ever for a business to be represented in all channels (local, PPC and organic).

Google wants you everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

One more step towards the semantic web:

Google’s new algorithm has a tremendous impact on copy, key phrase research and on-page optimization. What this means is Google is learning semantics. It knows what you mean no matter how you say it. And it understands your photos even better – and will rank them higher on the SERP. Between this and its new preference for ranking video higher, Google is definitely moving to a more visual algorithm.

Basically, the takeaway from all this technological jargon is that your staffing company needs a photo content marketing strategy to improve your rankings on the Google SERP page. Upload and keyword photos to your website, post them to Facebook, get them Instagram oh yeah – and don’t forget Pinterest! More photos – more rank. So get to uploading photos now and stop neglecting your Google Plus page. Google will punish you.

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