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stapYes, we are talking about Spinal Tap. Just kidding! What do we mean by 11? We’re talking in terms of satisfaction with your website’s performance.

This week, the Staffing Industry Analysts published the results of a recent survey they conducted of nearly 500 staffing and recruiting firms of all types and sizes, across the country. The big question the survey asked was…

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the hightest), how do you feel your current website contributes to business success?

The average of the results? A mere 5.6. 5.6! That means there are a lot of staffing companies that feel their website is not performing the way it should be. A look at the rest of the data from the survey clearly shows why.

Let’s go over some of the data from the survey and talk about how to get the satisfaction with your staffing company’s website performance and ROI to an 11!

1/ Actively track your SEO. SEO is a process, not an event. 50% of the respondents in the survey stated that keeping up on their SEO was the best thing they could do in terms of improving website performance. We couldn’t agree more. SEO is key to driving traffic and conversions on your website.

2/ Have a content marketing strategy. Of the respondents in the survey, only 46% of them said they regularly blog and only 38% have a blog comments and social features active! It’s not a secret, but it seems like it is – the best way to increase your SEO for your staffing agency is with a content marketing strategy. And the best way to distribute that content is with your blog. If you’re not blogging you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for distributing quality content to your audience. And if you don’t have comments or social features active then there’ no way to have a conversation or build up a community. So get to blogging!

3/ Ensure you have a great Content Management System (CMS). If you can’t easily update your website (add pages, change content, blog, etc.) it’s time to change that. In the SIA survey, only 43% of the participating staffing firms said they have a CMS. Your website should have a CMS that allows you quick access to create and manage all your content. It should also be flexible, scaleable and secure. Oh! And free! If you’re paying even $1 for a CMS you’re paying too much.

4/ Focus on candidates, but don’t ignore your clients. In the SIA survey, the staffing companies that had ‘candidate focused’ websites reported having a higher level of satisfaction with their website than those that had ‘client focused’ websites. Developing content and features for attracting clients is a must for your website. However, with the right focus, content and features you have the power to turn your staffing website into a recruiting machine! These days, we can easily build ATS features or integrate with your backend ATS, distribute jobs and allow for quick candidate applications. So, let’s get to recruiting!

Clients also need attention from your site. So, developing good content and features for them is still necessary. In the SIA survey, only 50% of the respondents said they had features like enabling clients to request staff on their site. Lots of opportunity there!

5/ Go mobile! We can’t say it enough – your clients and candidates are mobile, your website should be too! These days, your audience wants to interact with you from any device they choose. This means reading blog posts, reviewing your pages, applying for jobs or contacting you. This means that if your website and it’s content/features aren’t mobile, you’re missing out on a HUGE part of your audience. In the SIA survey, the participants reported that only half of them have a mobile website and of those, only 43% have a job board that’s mobile. YIKES! It’s past time to change that. If you’re website and job board isn’t mobile, you’re behind your competition and playing catch up at this point.

Oh! And if you still fall into the camp that candidates can’t apply for jobs on mobile phones or that mobile websites are too slow, give this video on the 30 second mobile job application a look and have it change your mind!

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 2.21.03 PM
6/ Website creativity. There is one thing we feel the SIA survey didn’t touch on. There were no questions regarding satisfaction with how the website looks and the creativity put into it. Why does this matter? Because look and creativity is the key to standing out amongst your competition. It’s easy enough to build a standard website that looks and functions like your competitors, with the only differentiator being your brand. That’s not enough! If you want to stand out and get the attention of your clients and candidates then investing in a unique, creative look is critical.

At Staffing Robot, we tell staffing companies your website has to be simple, useful and creative. If you invest in the creative, your ROI and overall satisfaction will definitely get you to an 11!

7/ Social features. Another area the SIA survey didn’t cover was not just social links, but social features. By social links we mean those buttons you put all over your site linking to all your social sites. While important, those links are basic and you have to remember, they are also driving people AWAY from your site. Not awesome! So, more than simply having social badges on your site, we recommend including social features.

Social features include things like:

Really, anything that includes social media in a way that makes your site more fun and engaging, and keeps people on your site.


Of all these items I’m tempted to say the most important of them is #5 – Going mobile. Although critical these days, there is actually one thing that is even more important when it comes to being satisfied with your staffing firm’s website and having it produce real results. What is it?

sr_header_feb8/ Investing enough in your website. Unfortunately, we see a lot of companies still not investing enough in their website. Many companies still undervalue a website and see it as simply a bunch of pages with stock photos and static content. With that outlook, you’re right – you don’t need to invest a lot. But in reality, you shouldn’t invest anything with that view. A static website full of mundane content and stock photos is not something you’ll ever be satisfied with because it will never produce results or contribute to growing your business.

The reason the SIA conducted this survey is because in a previous survey they did, staffing firms reported that the marketing tactic with highest return on investment is– “company website”. So, if your company website is providing your largest ROI when it comes to marketing, wouldn’t you agree it makes sense to have a healthy investment in your website?

Further, in this same recent SIA survey, the SIA found a correlation between staffing companies that have a lot of features on their website and also have a high satisfaction with its performance.

The number of features that a firm’s website possessed was strongly correlated with average satisfaction.

Granted, the SIA also found that at some point, too many features produced no additional satisfaction, suggesting additional feature value has diminishing returns at some point. We completely agree with this! So, don’t misinterpret our message, it’s not about investing in a lot of features, it’s about investing in the right features!

If you’re ready to see some real results from your staffing website and set your satisfaction level at 11 then contact staffing robot today!




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