Promoting a Facebook Contest Just Became Easier For Your Staffing Company

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In what I think is a great move, Facebook just made things simple for businesses to manage contests and promotions from their Facebook page, cutting out the need to go through a third-party app and making it possible to collect entries through posts.

This is great news. Why?

No matter the size of your staffing company, this benefits you. Here’s how:

For smaller businesses, running a contest on their Facebook Page is quick and easy as opposed to building a time consuming app. It’s more akin to running a contest on Pinterest or Twitter and is an excellent way to promote your brand quickly and gain likes. And! Page posts have always been (and will continue to be) eligible to show up in the News Feeds of people who “like” the Page – great exposure for your staffing company.



For larger businesses, Facebook has this advice:

Creating a promotion with an app on Facebook allows a Page to create a more personalized experience, more in line with your branding strategy. Apps provide more space and flexibility for content than Page posts alone. Promotions run through apps can collect data in a secure, structured way that may be appealing to advertisers, particularly larger brands.


In other words, a larger business will generate more likes, comments and contest entries, which can translate to a time consuming process for whomever is collecting all that data. In these cases, using an app will sometimes make more sense. However, a larger company always has the option to use their Page and/or an App to promote a contest.

As I see it, the option to create a contest on the fly is pretty appealing – no matter the size of the company. It would absolutely be worth doing for a larger business, provided they limit the entries to a specific amount when posting on their Page. For example, a company could state “the 100th person to comment on your post will receive a prize” thus ensuring the amount of entries to worry about is manageable.

Running contests on Facebook is an awesome tool for brand engagement and now that Facebook has made it so simple there’s no excuse not to do it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to promote my newest, personal contest. It’s called “Send Kiala pictures of your cat and receive her goodwill in return”. I’m predicting a HUGE ROI on this. Huge.

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