News For The Healthcare Staffing Industry: A Teddy Bear That Houses An Internal Health Clinic

Definitely not this kind of bear. I hope.

Definitely not this kind of bear. I hope.

Doctors are terrifying for kids. I remember being bitten by a gerbil when I was 6 and screaming bloody murder at the urgent care center before they’d even TOUCHED ME.

But what if there had been a sweet teddy bear with squishy soft ears and a silly face in my chubby baby arms to check my vital signs like heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, and stress levels. I’ll tell you what would have happened. I would have calmed down immediately and been so preoccupied with the cute teddy, I would never have even noticed the tetanus shot they had to give me.

Well doctors in Europe have developed just such a thing. Side note: EUROPE STOP BEING SO AWESOME.

It’s called the Teddy Guardian (awwwwww) and how it works is when the kid snuggles the snuggly future bear the child’s vital signs are transmitted to a tablet or smartphone.

Josipa Majic, who invented Teddy with her partner Ana Burica say that :

as well as taking measurements, nurses and parents can also communicate with their children remotely by playing songs and recording bedtime stories through the toy” and even more important “Pediatricians will get better data, because when children get very stressed out the data is skewed. The body temperature and heart rate increases and they fail to understand how the child actually feels.

This only goes to prove that the possibilities for mobile (and the undeniable fact that it is our future for everything) are endless and increasingly positive and – maybe – even life changing.


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