How Social Media Can Help Your Customer Service

This one time during the 2011 Super Bowl I realized how much the Fox Robot annoyed me, so I tweeted just that. Before the second half he had tweeted me back asking why I hated him so much. I was shocked! It didn’t make me less annoyed with him, but it did make that annoying robot more human, and in that moment where he Tweeted  back, I actually felt bad I’d said anything, if only for a second.


This infographic shows us four “normal” Twitter users, just like me, Tweeting at some of the biggest corporations in the US. Ever heard of Coca-Cola, Apple or WalMart? Ever wonder if they’d reply to you if you Tweet at them? Well here’s your answer. Best piece of advice I can give you regarding this type of customer service is this: “Keeping a real-time search for your brand name open in Twitter is a great way to be a rapid responder, but is everyone doing this? Or are they not even bothering at all?”

Care for a breakdown:

Brand Response Time (HH:MM)
The Gunslingers Pepsi 00:19
Mastercard 00:34
Home Depot 01:02
The Snails McDonalds 34:47
Hewlett Packard 28:53
Coca Cola 16:42
The Smug Starbucks No Response
Visa No Response
Apple No Response
Walmart No Response

We use lots of tools for customer support, including various social channels here at Staffing Robot. It’s always smart to know what people are saying about you, and to respond back whether it be good or bad. Another way we “robots” get feedback is with our customer service support tool, Hively. We also have a ton of ideas if you hop on over to our Social Media Marketing page on our blog, now move it, I SAID HOP ALREADY. Or, contact us to learn more about using social media for customer support.

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