Who Is Using What?

Where to begin? In the staffing industry I think we all know that LinkedIn,  Facebook and Twitter and great platforms for marketing to your clients and candidates. Social media is a fantastic new way to engage your audience, get them to “like” you and you make yourself more approachable to the people you do business with. You are not just another staffing company you are a company that cares. When clients see you from a more genuine and authentic perspective, they’re going to realize you have their back and they are going to be loyal. Candidates won’t leave you for $.50 higher offer at a different agency because you’ve made a deeper connection with them.

So who are these folks using social media and what outlet are they using? Well, no surprises here really; it’s a young mans game, or should I say Woman’s game. They beat out men by 9%. Mostly 18-29 years olds are social at 83% but 30-49 years olds aren’t far behind by much, 6% to be specific, that age group is 77% active in social media. You’re also more likely to be social in those age groups if you’re in an urban area. Nothing else is super shocking about this infographic, not many adults “tumbl”, only 6%. What did stand out to me though is, while I couldn’t get to the bottom of why social media dropped off in December 2012 the only age group that didn’t drop off was folks in the 30-49 year old market. In fact, it gained 5%, with an increase from 73% to 77%. Take a look for yourself and if you want help being social on any of these platforms, don’t be a stranger, hit the popBot of my face to your right, we’re happy to help.



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