Social Media Marketers Are Still Getting Hashtags Wrong

hashtagI hate to be “that guy” but I am totally going to be “that guy”.

This post from Business 2 Community on “how to use hashtags” is a wee bit out of touch with current trends, which could be a consequence of marketers writing about social media marketing or just a lack of social media savvy.

Here’s the thing: social media users are very sensitive to being advertised to and if you get it wrong they will FLAME YOU.

To be fair, the post has a cute graphic with some valuable tips in there (the “pros” section is pretty accurate) but it’s the “cons” where they get into some trouble:

Hashtag Cons and Cautions:

Hashtag abuse—Using a whole clutch of hashtags in Twitter or Facebook message is not just confusing, it’s annoying.

Tag hijacking—This happens when a brand or individual introduces a hashtag for one purpose and users turn it into a joke. Last year, McDonald’s learned about hashtag hijacking the hard way.

Doing it wrong—Hashtags should be used on social media sites and nowhere else. So, no, #Beautiful is not a legitimate use of a hashtag, no matter what Mariah and Miguel say.

 These are all wrong. Let’s break it down:

  •  Using a clutch of hashtags CAN be annoying if you’re doing it ignorantly but for the average tweeter or Facebook user, the ON PURPOSE overuse or ironic overuse of hashtags is HILARIOUS.


Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 2.48.23 PM


  • Finally, I use hashtags #everywhere. I’m not kidding. Texts, blog posts, in real life.  I mean, I guess I might not in a formal email to the president but…oh who am I kidding I definitely would.




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