How Can The New Facebook Embed Feature Benefit Your Staffing Company?

Last week, Facebook rolled out their new embed codes for everyone – not just a select few brands as they had previously done. Following in the footsteps of twitter, tumblr, instagram and Vine, Facebook has jumped on the embed bandwagon. But what does this mean really?

The Mechanics:

  1. You can only embed a post which has been marked “public”
  2. Hit the arrow in the top right hand corner of the post
  3. Click “embed post” and copy the code
  4. Paste onto whatever internet page you like!

How Facebook benefits:

Your audience can now interact with whatever you’ve embedded just by clicking the comment button which will send you straight to the Facebook post.
Readers will have the option to do anything they could on the main site, including reading comments, liking a post, or following the person behind it. Essentially this feature allows your blog to become a portal to Facebook or an extension of Facebook. Yayyyy for Facebook. I mean, obviously they were hurting for money and publicity. That’s one for the little guys. /sarcasm

How Staffing Agencies Benefit:

Any video, interesting discussion, funny joke, cool picture you post on your page publicly can now be embedded by anyone. So let’s say you have a thought provoking discussion on staffing issues (or headaches) that resonates with your target audience, you can embed it on your own blog, ask clients to embed it on their blogs (or hope they do it on their own) and if you’re lucky you can get it embedded in any of the staffing and/or health/IT/whatever-you-staff for blogs out there. In turn, this will lead people to your Facebook page and create more buzz around your brand. Conversely, you can embed posts from competitors, potential clients and candidates and use that as an opportunity to create a relationship with them. I see this as the most useful and proactive of all the scenarios I’ve posited here.

This is only the beginning of this new feature and I’m interested to see where it can lead, marketing wise. At the very least it seems like a great, new way to connect on Facebook brand pages where getting people to like your page is always a difficult game.

Here’s an example of a terrific post to embed with an adorable comment from our friends at Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group:

(Click on the comments! Do it!)

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