Guest Post: Don’t Forget The Telephone – Embrace IVR Pre-Screening

TelephoneWith the global acceptance of the internet and e-mail 20 years ago, and fast-forwarding to the 21st century with the acceptance of mobile and cloud technologies, it is easy to forget the one piece of technology that started it all: The telephone.

With so many technology options and enhancements available, it is necessary to remember those that are essential, and those that are not. Whether it is a small or large-scale employee pre-screening, technology is much more than just a time saver or convenience, it is a prerequisite to any successful hiring practice.

Automated prescreening transforms how candidates are evaluated and selected. Using proper assessment tools leads to better employees. Better employees leads to better business operations, which in the end creates more profits. If a business is not implementing technology-enabled prescreening in their hiring practice, they are missing an opportunity to improve the bottom line results, from improving the applicant pool to reducing the hiring time and employee costs.

With the combination of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, and proven assessment practices, automated prescreening accelerates the hiring process. How does it work? Over the phone, automated assessments are given to candidates through an IVR platform, candidates answer a series of qualitative and quantitative questions, which can be evaluated and scored. The IVR is intelligent, meaning it can respond differently based on the data provided by the applicant. Rather than a standard process for all applicants, automated assessments build around the applicants responses, creating a dynamic conversation between the applicant and the technology. This allows for a more defined picture of the applicant’s suitability for a specific job. The added benefit of using an IVR platform is that the entire process, or specific parts of the assessment, can be recorded/saved in a wav/MP3 file. Especially important for those positions being filled where voice quality is needed.

IVR-enabled pre-screening saves managers valuable time, which would have been spent on in-person interviewing of unqualified applicants, they can regain their time and focus on qualified candidates and other revenue generating activities.

msc pixScott Clay is an EVP of Business Development at IVR Technology Group. After a 15 year career of owning a chain of retail athletic shoe stores, Scott decided it was time for a change of scenery, he is now using his customer service skills in the telephony market. Scott can be contacted at

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