Don’t Get Fired While Using Vine

Do I need to tell you not to make Vine videos about how you hate your job?

Apparently I do.

Most people know not to complain about their workplace on Twitter or Facebook but apparently some still think Vine is a magical, secret place protected from the eyes of supervisors and the like. It’s not.

Here are some examples of what your staffing candidates/recruiters/employees of all kinds should not do on Vine:

This one was tagged #work #sucks


and this one was tagged #slinky #bored #work



and this one? #starbucks #work #wannagohome #saveme #baristaproblems

I think the obvious lesson here is DON’T COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR JOB ON SOCIAL MEDIA NO MATTER HOW NEW THE PLATFORM IS because I’m fairly certain if you hashtag your Vine with #wannagohome someone in management will make sure you do. Forever.

Need help with social media for your staffing company? Contact Staffing Robot today because we’re #bored #worksucks #lazy #justkidding!

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