Don’t Be The Last Staffing Company To Embrace Social Media

The New York Times  – that stodgy bulwark of old media  – has FINALLY found value in social media. WELCOME TO THE 21ST CENTURY OLD LADY. On Tuesday, the Times website went down for a few hours and of COURSE a major story broke during that time period. What did the Gray Lady do? What anyone else would – live tweet the events unfolding in Egypt and post long form news stories on Facebook.

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I’ve been watching the NYT steadfastly refuse to participate in anything internet related for 8 years now. Remember when they banned the word “tweet” in 2010? I do and so does the internet because the internet is forever:


One test is to ask yourself whether people outside of a target group regularly employ the terms in question. Many people use Twitter, but many don’t; my guess is that few in the latter group routinely refer to “tweets” or “tweeting.” Someday, “tweet” may be as common as “e-mail.” Or another service may elbow Twitter aside next year, and “tweet” may fade into oblivion. (Of course, it doesn’t help that the word itself seems so inherently silly.)

Ahhhh do you taste that? It’s the sweet sweet nectar of self righteous satisfaction. They have no compunction to use the word now. Old media has been dying a slow painful death due to their shortsightedness and while there is hope for resurrection (Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo’s acquisition of the Washington Post for example) the future of the press is dubious at best. Oh! Remember when they decided that Twitter was not part of their job? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Ohhhhhhh whew. Idiots. Smart, educated idiots.


While some journalists at the Times were already using those sites, there wasn’t a newsroom-wide understanding of why the tools mattered


Now here is where I apply this to you, the staffing companies. If you still have any doubts as to whether you should be using social media let me emphatically state that you need it. More importantly, if you are not using it now, there will come a day when you have no other recourse and by that time you will have lost a majority of your revenue source to every other company who has embraced and utilized the best tool for recruiting and marketing created to date. I am not overstating this. It’s a fact. I want you to succeed! Let me help you. I promise it’s not ALL about cats and memes and buying stuff online. It’s a little bit that, though – not gonna lie.

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