Technology Patents Are Bad For Us All

Yesterday, Jim Stroud from the Recruiters Lounge (which is a fantastic blog you should be reading) posted about a company called eGrabber securing a patent for their technology based on “methods and systems for determining email addresses.”

I’ve never heard of eGrabber or it’s founder Chandra Bodapati. I’m sure the product is great and that Chandra is a well intentioned person. However, I have to say, I personally despise technology patents. Why?

patent_troll1/ They stifle innovation. Patents keep people from improving on technologies or reusing them for good purposes. This only hurts us as a whole due to being denied future innovations.

2/ They limit consumer options. When someone locks up technology with patents then their is less competition. Less competition means fewer options and higher prices for consumers.

3/ Legal battles. Good companies with similar offerings will be mired in legal battles trying to prove they do not infringe on such patents.

4/ It’s actually incredibly easy to get around a technology patent. By simply tweaking some of the methods and or uses you’re in the clear. So why go through all the trouble to get a patent?

5/ Patent trolls. Patent trolls are people that abuse the patent system by filing for things they have no ability or intention of ever creating. Their goal is to simply sue people for royalties at a future date should they come through with the concept.


So, from my perspective, when it comes to technology, patents are not something any of us should seek out and we should certainly not celebrate them.

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