PPR Talent Management Group Goes Big With Their New Look and Approach to the Web

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 2.26.21 PMPPR Talent Management Group came to us last fall looking for a change. A big change. No, I mean a BIG change (note the all caps and bold on BIG). Their business was booming but they felt their brand, look, and overall web marketing strategy didn’t reflect this. We were fortunate enough for them to give us the opportunity to work with them on this challenge. Check out their new sites for Education Staffing, Travel Nurse Staffing and their corporate talent management group site.

And how did they feel about it?

Awesome! When it came to capturing our vision, meeting our needs and truly wowing us with their work, Staffing Robot was fantastic to work with. We at PPR truly consider the Staffing Robot team a partner in all of these new marketing initiatives.
~ Jeff Lott, Senior Vice President

If you like pictures then here is a visual of all the work we’ve done with PPR Talent Management Group to date. If you’re into the details, you’ll find those below the image.

Ready for a new marketing, branding or web initiative? Innovative clients are always wanted. Who’s next? Also, be sure to check out more of our work on our Staffing Robot Pinterest page.


While working with PPR we helped them with the following:

1/ Separating service lines
Instead of incorporating all of their services into a single website on a single ‘Services’ page, we helped PPR organize their services into focused brands and service lines.

2/ Rebranding and renaming their corporate identity and all subsequent service lines
PPR wanted a complete rebrand and company ID. So, for their branding we wanted something fresh, fun, modern and classic. We also wanted something that required a bit of discovery and really resonated with their audience. From our perspective, this is what PPR’s identity is all about. They are a very humble and somewhat unassuming company. But within five minutes you ‘discover’ they are so much more. Friendly, fun, patient and innovative are some words that come to mind.

3/ Increase web presence with multiple websites and landing pages
What’s better than one website? Five websites of course? Why? Content, content, content. PPR’s web presence and content strategy is about to overwhelm the internet. Look out internets!

4/ Mobile website and mobile web marketing strategy
You heard the one about the staffing company without a mobile marketing strategy right? No? Oh right, me either. No marketing strategy for any staffing company is complete today without a mobile strategy. PPR knows that and ensured all of their sites are optimized for mobile, and include some cool new features!

5/ Advanced SEO practices
What’s a website if your customers and candidates can’t find it? We helped PPR significantly improve their SEO. Stand by for new rankings.

Some of the best features of this site include:

1/ Jobbee job board
PPR is using the Jobbee job board for their site. Jobbee is fully integrated into PPR’s proprietary, backend office system. Jobs can be categorized as Spotlight jobs and include categories of Cash Cow, Traveler Friendly and Preferred Client. Candidates can sign up for job alerts via email or text and all jobs are properly SEO’d. And of course, it’s all mobile!

2/ Quick & Full Application process
Candidates can apply for jobs through a quick apply process or a full application process custom built right into their website. Online staffing what?

3/ Text a recruiter
Your candidates want to talk to you. Sure they can call you. Sure they can contact you through your web form. But can they text you? PPR’s candidates can. WOOT!


Let us know if your staffing company wants to talk about websites, mobile websites, branding or marketing.







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