Go Mobile Or Go Home

Raise your hand if you love to text! Both of my hands should be up right now but I’m typing this, so, you know, just imagine they are. I love my phone and text my friends constantly. Not only that but I check Facebook and Instagram all the time, look at my bank account, listen to Spotify, check weather and bus times, and map out runs all with my phone. Yes, I’m addicted. Below tells us on average people check their phones 150 times a day – I’ve surely got that beat. But what really gets me about this infographic is that MORE ANDROID BABIES ARE ACTIVATED THAN REAL BABIES MADE. See below if you don’t believe me. With the Google announcement last month letting us know that starting next year your staffing website better be mobile OR ELSE penalty by way of google purgatory. i.e, you’ve got no shot at even reaching the first page of a google search unless you’re mobile. So get with it guys…


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