Finding The Best Applicant Is Even Easier With LinkedIn’s New Portfolio Feature

This is so great, you guys. Sure, you COULD use Behance to post your work but it’s time consuming, a little complicated and frankly, in this internet world of “omg please don’t make me click on one more thing”,  isn’t it preferable to show your work on your – you know – work resume ?

Well now you can! LinkedIn debuted it’s new portfolio feature over a month ago but it’s just now gaining momentum. With the new feature you can add your “videos, illustrations and presentations” to the relevant job portion of your profile – making the job of staffing and recruiting that much easier. This is all part of the same trend of using visuals to promote yourself or your company. The Portland based company, Vizify, is another great example of this.

From Wired:

The new LinkedIn Professional Portfolio feature turns the bare, word-heavy resumes of LinkedIn into potentially very image- and video-heavy portfolios. It’s an especially important enhancement for people who absolutely need to provide examples of their visual work to get a job, but could also be useful for others who just want to add some depth to their resumes.

I tried it out and here is what happened:



So easy! I clicked the icon and added a picture of a basket of kittens! Now anyone looking for a cat marketer will see how talented I am and offer me a job. Sadly (not really!), I am ecstatically happy at my current job and unavailable but I will keep this and any other offer to market kittens on the internet in mind for future reference. Thanks LinkedIn!

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