Don’t Rely Solely On Analytics To Predict Your Staffing Company’s Social Media Success

twitter-analyticsAccording to a recent post on Slashdot, Hollywood’s reliance on analytics and formulaic data to predict summer blockbuster hits has failed miserably this year:

 Hollywood’s more reliant than ever on analytics to predict how movies will do, and even Google has taken some baby-steps into that arena with a white paper describing how search-query patterns and paid clicks can estimate how well a movie will do on its opening weekend, but none of that data seems to be helping Hollywood avoid shooting itself in the foot with a ‘Pacific Rim’-sized plasma cannon. In other words, analytics can help studios refine their rollout strategy for new films—but the bulk of box-office success ultimately comes down to the most elusive and unquantifiable of things:knowing what the audience wants before it does, and a whole lot of luck.”


And this is exactly the opposite of our strategy here at Staffing Robot.  Analytics are an INCREDIBLY useful tool for measuring what is working and what isn’t but they are also a fickle beast. If I were to break down the process of predicting the success of a company’s social media campaign and website traffic it would go something like this:


  • Search Engine Optimize your website.
  • Be active daily on all social media platforms
  • Engage authentically with your customers/clients/peers
  • Use a customer feedback tool. A really, really awesome one.
  • Run the analytic data every month for your site, socials and feedback tool.
  • cross your fingers


You see, the mistake most companies make is thinking once they’ve optimized their site they’re done. They’re good. No need to ever do that again.


Google changes it’s rules more often than Rhianna changes hairstyles so what was working 2 weeks ago might be totally worthless now. You have to re-SEO (is that a term? Well, it is now) your site every month.

And the same goes for social media. You’ve got to have a dedicated daily (multiple times a day ideally) presence, active engagement (talk to people! It’s fun!) and a responsive/flexible attitude to whatever the data AND your customer/client base is telling you. For instance, twitter analytics may show you that picture tweets get the most clicks but personal experience tells you that jokes about cats and back and forth conversations with other people in your field receive the most retweets, favorites and follows. And this will change every single day. Because…internet.

It sounds exhausting , doesn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be! Not for a talented social media marketer anyway. For me, it’s like a constant brain teaser I get to puzzle out on a daily basis. So, if you don’t already have a dedicated social media employee for your company – hire one now or (shameless plug!) contact Staffing Robot and we’ll do it for you!


Need help with social media marketing for your staffing company? We’re here to help!


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