Why Your Staffing Company Should Be Excited About Facebook Hashtags


Finally! My friends can stop complaining about me using #hashtagsoutsideoftwitter.

If you’re new to Twitter, a hashtag is the pound sign (#) followed by a word or words or acronym. It can be used like a tag in a blog post (#socialmedia) or to punctuate a tweet with humor (#diabeetuscat) or to be a part of a group conversation about an event (#superbowl), etc.

I’ve been on Twitter since its inception (and I was there when the 9 people using it decided to use hashtags to help define humor, events and cats or whatever) so I’ve always used hashtags wherever possible. For instance, in the memo area on a personal check or when signing a receipt. (#tip)

As a marketer, I am THRILLED we can use and track hashtags on Facebook in the same way we do on Twitter. It was an inevitable event I didn’t think would ever actually be evitable. SIDE NOTE: evitable is a real word! Moving on…

According to the Washington Post:

Hashtags on Facebook will work in much the same way they do on Twitter. When you see a hashtag in a post, you can click on it and see a feed of other posts from people’s profile and pages that use the same conversation marker.

Users can also search for specific hashtags if they’re interested in finding out more information about a certain trending topic and can click on hashtags that originate on other services, such as Facebook’s photo site, Instagram.

Facebook’s hashtag search stream tracks the hashtags on Instagram too! This is so great. Let me tell you why:

Not only could a staffing company encourage clients and candidates to use a specific hashtag to get word out about special promotions/jobs or to participate in a contest, but your staffing company could then also track that hashtag to see how far their campaign is reaching – everywhere. In terms of social media, customer service and branding, this is an incredible opportunity for companies in the staffing and recruiting industry.

And just this morning Twitter announced it was now offering analytics for all users.

There is no excuse at this point not to be launching campaigns across all social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter are making it far too convenient. Thanks internet!

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