What Your Staffing Company Can Learn from The Eva Mendes Sex Tape

Social media is an ongoing experiment and while there are some “rules” (no keyword stuffing, don’t spam tweet at people) they are not hard and fast and the landscape of social is always changing. But there is one constant-the internet’s love of all things NSFW. In light of this knowledge Funny or Die made a video with Eva Mendes capitalizing on the words most googled after her name-“Sex Tape”.

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In the video Eva Mendes is hawking her new “Sex Tape” like an infomercial. The catch is it’s not an actual sex tape but a brand of tape. Like…scotch or duct or masking tape but used for sex I guess?

Anyway, by using the most googled search term after her name to make a video, Eva Mendes and Funny or Die are capitalizing on Google predictive text (and the internet’s er “nature”). In other words, taking lemons and making them into lemonade. My friend Veronica Belmont did this years ago to a lesser extent. Here is what you would see if you googled “Veronica Belmont B**bs”:












While Veronica’s “to catch a predator” style picture is a funny way to combat the internet’s darker side – what Mendes did ups the ante by using google’s new-ish policy of preferential treatment for video content marketing. The very act of making a video rather than say – a blogpost – automatically guaranteed Mendes and Funny Or Die a top spot on Google’s landing page. And then throwing in the title “Eva Mendes Sex Tape” pushed it over the top. Brilliant content marketing or “gaming the system” as the kids say.

That’s Nice And Everything But How Does This Affect Me-the Staffing Company?

Glad you asked! Using Google’s predictive search bar your staffing company can see what services/jobs people are looking for. For example you could type in “travel nurse jobs in” and see what google says…

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and then use that info to your advantage. As a staffing company you could pull together a list of the jobs you have available in those areas and create a quick facebook/twitter/linked in campaign advertising those jobs. It’s as easy as that!

Eva Mendes is totally a social marketing genius is what we are trying to say.

Watch the Eva Mendes Sex Tape now:


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