Video Content Marketing For Your Staffing Company Now Available Via Instagram

Video Content Marketing is about to get interesting. Or even MORE interesting I should say.

Facebook rolled out their new video sharing feature on Instagram today. It doesn’t appear to have a name other than “Instagram video” so I’m dubbing it “Instavine™”. You’re welcome.

From The Verge:

Unlike Twitter’s Vine app, which the video feature closely resembles, Instagram video contains a delete button. Tapping it will eliminate the most recently recorded segment. As you might expect with Instagram, the app includes filters: 13 of them to start, created with the help of a video artist, the company said.

The videos autoplay like Vines, but they do not loop. “It doesn’t get in the way,” Instagram’s Systrom said. “We’ve worked a ton on making it fast, simple of beautiful.”

Although I really miss the loop, I LOVE the ability to add filters (one of the most iconic features of Instagram). And the filters are new! Different! Exciting! With names like “Vesper” and “Helena”! Another feature I like about Instagram video is while you can shoot up to 15 seconds of video you don’t have to. It’s nice to not feel constrained either way. I need my creativity to run free! I’M TOTALLY AN AUTEUR OBVIOUSLY LIKE MARTIN SCORCESE.


Instavine™ isn’t perfect, however. The focusing seems to be an issue – especially when you’re making videos on the fly – and while the video is supposedly clearer than Vine I’m not so certain it really is. Of course, I’m no Martin Scorcese (despite what you may have heard uh..above…in that sentence I wrote up there) so that could be my shaky camera hands. I’ll have to make more videos of cats to really be certain.

Still, this new option for online video is serendipitous. As we’ve mentioned before, video is the newest and possibly most effective marketing strategy your staffing company can employ. As Vine and YouTube continue to lead the pack in terms of internet popularity, Google is ranking video content higher than any other content on the web. And with this new Instagram feature,  it’s easier than ever to take advantage of Google’s preference for video content marketing.

Check out Staffing Robot’s first Instavine™! We’re so productive we have all this leftover time to uh…meditate on how best to innovate web development. Yep. That’s what we’re doing alright.

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